Tips & Care


Our lashes are long to suit all eye shapes, always remember to measure and trim lashes so they are perfect for your eyes. To do this, hold the lash up to your eyelid, measure the amount of strip that is extended beyond the length of your eye and snip this excess off. Only ever trim the OUTER corners.

Application Tips

Glue the lashes round a large powder brush handle for a couple of minutes before application to exaggerate the curved band and always use our handy eyelash applicator (it will change your life) for the easiest application. Always remove the glue after every wear to prevent gunky build up on the lashes and avoid using mascara on top of the lashes. This allows you to re-use our lashes up to 25 times! (please note adhesive glue is not included with our lashes).


Our lashes come with a handy re-usable rose gold protective carry case for you to put the lashes in between uses to avoid them getting bashed, loosing their shape and collecting dust, dirt and bacteria. Also super handy for travelling!